About DIY Online Divorce

Divorce is Freaking Hard.

Breaking up with your spouse is hard to do. Really hard. And in North Carolina it can be even harder because of the complicated rules about separation and the bogged down court system.

That’s why we created DIY Divorce Online. We wanted to make this process as easy as we could for you by taking away all the things you hate about breaking up a marriage.

DIY Divorce Online is convenient, affordable and easy.

In North Carolina, the legal system is complicated. It’s confusing. There are hundreds of forms and the legal terminology is frightening.

Most lawyers want the system to be confusing so you will be forced to go to them for the answers. But that’s expensive and frequently leads to increased conflict and stress for the people getting divorced.

In other words, lawyers can take an already stressful situation and make it even worse.

Here at DIY Online Divorce, we have built a system using cutting edge technology to help guide you, systematically, through every step of your legal separation and ultimately, your divorce.

We’ve made the process so simple that you can do it on your own, or with the help of a legal assistant. Or you can even access a lawyer if you have a legal question that has you stuck.

But with DIY Online Divorce, the lawyer isn’t driving the bus – you are.

As a result, you will get through your divorce without spending thousands of dollars in legal bills and taking years off of your life because of stress about what your lawyer or a judge will do in your case.

Frankly, we recommend you take some of the money you save and hit the beach or throw a party.

Your divorce doesn’t define who you are. Take control of your life.

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